Screen_Shot_2014-04-21_at_4.37.08_PM.pngI grew up in a town with a nuclear reactor. The entire region was sold the promise of a power source and good paying jobs, but that promise was inadequate given the environmental and safety risks my community was asked to shoulder. Because the hazards and consequences of the reactor were mostly isolated to my community, people living in the rest of the region faced a much different question when they considered the merits of the reactor.
This experience made clear one of our primary barriers to environmental action: the frequent lack of recognition of shared consequences and shared responsibility. Far too often, many don’t see or understand the consequences of an unsustainable lifestyle because they don’t live near a reactor, coal plant or landfill. Now, as California faces an unprecedented water crisis, the very real consequences of waste and inefficient use of our water resources touch all of our lives, and the environmental maxim of “we are all in this together” has once again been the rallying call for action.

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