Even outspent 2 to 1, our grassroots support couldn't be stopped!  You've carried us into the general election!

Here's where we're at with 100% of the precincts reporting. 

Voter Nominated Party Votes Percent
BEN ALLEN Pref: DEM  19,710 21.82
SANDRA FLUKE Pref: DEM  17,797 19.70
SETH STODDER Pref: NP  15,786 17.47
BETSY BUTLER Pref: DEM  15,064 16.67
AMY HOWORTH Pref: DEM  13,994 15.49
VITO IMBASCIANI Pref: DEM  3,999 4.43
PATRIC M VERRONE Pref: DEM  2,698 2.99
BARBI S APPELQUIST Pref: DEM  1,291 1.43  

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