This morning, I was endorsed by the only two major area newspapers to weigh in on my race, Daily Breeze and The ArgonautCan you donate today to help me make sure voters know about these endorsements?

Here’s what the Daily Breeze had to say about my candidacy:

She may be young (she’s 33) and a first-time candidate for public office, but she has the spine and the know-how to take on Sacramento… Her fast rise to national attention and the way she handled all the buzz was impressive. Even more impressive are her clear and thoughtful ideas on policy. If elected, she said she would focus on issues such as water conservation measures, easing congestion on Los Angeles’ Westside, expanding Hollywood tax credits, and coastal preservation.

And here are the Argonaut’s words:

Fluke displays a sharp acumen for local issues and would carry a refreshing mantra to Sacramento: Making life easier for families, by increasing access to childcare and education programs as well as expanding services for veterans and struggling entrepreneurs. Vote for Sandra Fluke.

I’m thrilled to have these endorsements. Whatever you can give now will put me closer to being able to stand up for you in Sacramento. Thank you.


Miriam Krinsky from Los Angeles just donated, won't you join them?